About Us

The Logterman Cattle story begins nearly 100 years ago, when Dwight and his brother LeRoy’s grandfather, Ed, moved to South Dakota with his new bride, Martina. Like most farmers at that time, he had a few milk cows, a few beef cows, a few hogs, a few chickens, and even fewer dollars. Hard times hit and most farmers in the area eventually left, including all six of his brothers and sisters. Later in life, Grandpa Ed joked that a person had to be awfully stubborn and stupid to stay. With a lot of work, perseverance, and God’s goodness and grace, his original homestead is still in the family.

Dwight’s Hereford herd began in 1984 when he was employed by the ABC ranch of Kilgore, Nebraska. At that time, two cows were purchased from ABC and six from Marvanne’s father Marvin Feddes of Manhattan, MT. From those original eight, the herd has grown to about 175 cows. The Angus herd was added about 10 years ago with the purchase of embryos and females from LeRoy, and has grown to about 90 cows.

LeRoy (mostly known as Duke) spent about 30 years in education, first as a high school math teacher and later as a guidance counselor. It has been said that you can take the boy off the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the boy, and this seems to be true in Duke’s case. In his retirement, Duke purchased some black Angus cows from the VanDyke Angus Ranch of Manhattan, MT and started to build his herd. Through embryo transplanting using high quality cows and bulls, the herds have grown rapidly in the last 10 years. After the bull calves are weaned, Duke brings his bulls out to Dwight’s South Dakota ranch to be fed until the sale.

Our first goal in building the Angus herd has been to select sires that will leave behind efficient, long-lasting daughters while also siring thick, meaty bull calves. The Hereford portion of our program allows cattlemen to capitalize on the heterosis vigor and efficiency of the Angus-Hereford black baldy.

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